Oil and Gas Piping Engineering & Design

Oil and Gas Piping Engineering & Design

Category 1: General Piping Engineering
  • Role of Piping Engineering and Interface
  • Interpretation and P&ID and Basics of Piping Engineering
  • Preparation of plot plan of process industry theory and practical
  • Preparation of Equipment layout for process and plant, theory and practical
  • Piping layout for process plant, theory and practical
  • Pipe rack engineering theory and practical
  • Process equipment Piping – Theory
  • Introduction to Piping materials
  • ASME B 31.3
  • Piping Isometrics
  • Introduction to stress analysis and Caesar ll
  • Piping fundamentals / Types of Pipe fitting / Type of Flanges
  • Type of Valves & Piping speciality items
  • Piping material Take-off
  • Piping Supports
Support Types

Support selection, Support Location,Support Span calculation.

  • Detailed study of various Piping system relevant standards / Codes, their importance and applications
  • Preparation of,piping material and specifications valves Specification and Data sheets nozzle orientation of process equipment bill of material at various stages isometric drawings and final MTO design of pressure integrity for Piping Engineering design of pressure Engineering Requirement as per ASME B313.
Category 2. Piping Stress Analysic course

Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Piping Support span Calculation

Module 3: Piping Design for loading Types

Module 4: Piping configuration

Module 5: Miscellaneous

Module 6: Defining Load Cases

Module 7: Compliance: Stresses- sustained,Expansion, Operating, Occasional

Module 8: Typical piping configuration for ease in analysis.